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A music collective

Each member of Zalama Crew hails from Cali, the gateway to the Cauca Valley region, on the country’s Pacific coast. Formed in 2008, they describe themselves as an urban music collective, exploring an experimental approach to an array of styles including hip hop, drum & base, jazz, funk and traditional Pacific sounds.

Driven by boundless energy and ideas, they seek only to create and explore new horizons.
They talked to us about their wide-ranging inspirations, from Pink Floyd to Blondie, along with a phenomenal range of Colombian folk artists.

They released their first album, “Zalama Lekum”, through local digital music platform lamusica.fm.
Their journey since has been eventful, to say the least: supporting Manu Chao in Cali, collaborating with Sergent Garcia on the “Calentura Mi Son” EP and taking part in Festival Generiq in France in 2012.

Alongside their music, they are also active contributors to social life in Cali, helping younger people to explore music and find work through the association Zalama Producciones, which seeks to promote urban culture.

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