Sidestepper (Richard Blair)

Zalama Crew

Systema Solar

Cumbia & Electro & Ragga -


Systema Solar are spearheading Colombia’s new independent scene.

Theirs is a street sound system that will not go unheard, rooted in the “Picos” culture and its painted pick-ups that hit the streets with only one goal: to stand out and spread the vibe.
From the banks of the Magdalena river to the stages of Europe, Systema Solar has charted a successfully course from local to global.

The music is naturally based on Caribbean-coast rhythms, with a mix of cumbia, ragga and electro.
A perfect demonstration in how to sample old cumbia tracks from the sixties and marry them with solid ragga and hip-hop vocals.
On stage, the magic truly comes to life in whirl of boundless energy, generosity, colour and swing!

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