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Disclaimer: the following paragraphs may contain an excessive amount of praise!

Quantic is one of the most prolific and gifted DJs/producers/musicians of his generation.
He started out as an icon of the UK groove movement, forming the Quantic Soul Orchestra, discovering divas like Alice Russell & Noelle Scaggs, and collaborating with Spanky Wilson, Mulatu Astake and Sharon Jones.

Based in Cali for the past seven years, Quantic has gone from one musical project to the next with an undeniable flair for Colombian folklore. He started out by creating his own super group, Quantic y su Combo Barbaro, with musicians like celebrated pianist Alfredo Linares, Malcolm Catto and Arthur Verocai.

The project is the perfect blend of Latin American music and soul, traditional and contemporary, digital and analogue. An international success driven by an excellent tropical mix and an ensemble of musicians overflowing with talent.

Next came the Ondatrópica project in collaboration with Mario Galeano from Frente Cumbiero. A sensational music initiative that began with crafting and recording a library of old and new sounds involving a wealth of Colombian talent brought in for the occasion. The process was new to many, since the recording was done digitally—a concept with which the traditional music scene is not always familiar—in the celebrated Discos Fuentes studios in Medellín (a label that goes back more than 75 years). These pioneering musicians from the sixties and seventies were not looking for a nostalgic take on their music: the goal was to underscore its rightful place as a part of today’s music scene. This led to an international tour, starting in London to promote Colombia in the run-up to 2012 Olympic Games, followed by a number of dates throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The music is sensational, worthy of folklore but sprinkled with modernism and a lean towards ska, afrobeat and hip hop.

Simply amazing!

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