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Maite Hontelé

La Mojarra Electrica

Afro-latino & Fanfare & Jazz -


La Mojarra Electrica (“Electric Eel”) presents a melting pot of music culture forged in the streets of Bogotá.

12 musicians spanning every ethnic group imaginable in Colombia, whose musical tastes are as varied as the colour of their skin.

They began by performing in the street, where Calle 19 meets Calle 7; a place where the traffic was terrible, so the music had to be loud!
That’s a habit that has stayed with them for over ten years, making for a spectacular live show: a rushing wave of sound that hits hard!

Percussionist Alejandro Montaña offered us a perfectly unaffected insight into the life of the group.

Alejandro has a strong affinity for Colombian folklore and culture, and can talk about it at length with unwavering enthusiasm. He is well aware of cumbia’s popularity today. He also knows that traditional Colombian music still offers plenty of uncharted territory, with lots left to discover and reinterpret.

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