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Ella Fuksbrauner

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Singer-songwriter Ella Fuksbrauner was born in Israel and grew up in Colombia.

She has been singing since she was 13.

Ella has always had an affinity for the performing arts, though always with a focus on music.
After winning a number of awards for her singing, she set off for France to study French and theatre.

She returned to Colombia a few years ago, where she began to compose with Latin American guitarist Juan Manuel Reyes and write her own material.

Then came a meeting with producer Felipe Alvarez and the release of INK on the Polen Records label with Julian Salazar.
The result is a very melodic, breezy, somewhat stripped down vocal-jazz offering.
Ella’s honeyed voice transports the listener, ranging from gentle and clear to strident and strained. There are times when ripples travel further than waves.

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