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Polikarpa y Sus Viciosas

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This is hardcore punk in its original form. Meet Paola, drummer and singer with Polikarpa y sus Viciosas.

The group speaks volumes about the new Colombian scene.
They were part of the first wave, in the nineties, during the explosion of Colombian-style rock and punk, with the distinctive difference that this was an all-woman ensemble—a conspicuous quality in a still-very-macho country.

Rewind: the name Polikarpa is a tribute to Policarpa Salavarrieta, a heroine of the Colombian independence movement and, perhaps more signficantly, one of the few women to have entered the annals of national history.
In the 19th century, amid clashes between separists and royalists in the country, Policarpa acted as a spy through her work as a seamstress in the houses of key royalists. She obtained a wealth of strategic information for before she was caught and publically executed in 1817.
She left behind her the image of a strong woman that served only to further the separatist cause. Just two years later, a certain Simon Bolivar would march triumphantly on Santa Fé de Bogota!

Here endeth the history lesson.
No need to expand on the “y sus Vicisosas” part…

These three punks may well be anarchists, but, above all, their music advocates women’s rights and condemns violence against women.

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