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Papaya Republik (Batori)

Cumbia & Electro & Fanfare -


Batori has been part of the Colombian scene for nearly 25 years! After a long baptism in the world of punk, metal and hard rock, playing with evocatively named groups like Perro Muerto (Dead Dog), he began to explore much broader musical horizons, including a contribution the first album by Systema Solar.

Now, he is the man behind Papaya Republik, a group inspired by the “Bandas Papayeras” brass bands popular in the Caribbean region in the fifties, known for playing a variety of Latin American rhythms, mixing their sound with funk, rock and jazz influences, all peppered with a dash of electro.

Yet Batori has clearly not forgotten his punk past: Papaya Republik’s music is clearly festive but the lyrics and message remain primitive (covering corruption, violence and other evils of South American society), all with a healthy dose of humour—usually black. The group’s name is an example in itself: “Papaya Republik” is a reference to the Banana Republics, the moniker given to South American countries plagued by corrupt, dictatorial regimes.

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